Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Electric Fuel Pumps

Since my hubby is a mechanical engineer he has always been pretty good at fixing his own cars. As a matter of fact when he was in his teens, he and his brother rebuilt a 1954 Chevrolet and put in a big Pontiac v8 engine. It was the fastest thing on the street back then.

Since then he has done most of the repair work on his own cars. He would sometimes get his car parts from the dealership but would often go to other auto parts stores if he could get a better deal. It used to be that auto parts could only be bought at auto dealerships.

In recent years, we have been buying new cars so we haven’t had much need for auto parts much less electric fuel pumps since the cars usually don’t break down and if they do they are under warranty. The only things we need are things like tow bars and the associated trailer light hookups to haul our boat. We don’t even need that now for our new car because we have an old beater truck to tow the boat back and forth to the nearby lake. Speaking of auto parts, if you need one, check out Pegasus. Not only do they have supplies for auto racing, Pegasus has electric fuel pumps as well.

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