Thursday, August 6, 2015

Unraveling the Roots of Punk Rock Music

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It is difficult to say with any certainty what the true roots of punk rock are. In fact, this is a theme that is often heavily debated among individuals who love this genre of music. One of the reasons why identifying the roots of punk rock is challenging is because every person out there has their particular definition of punk rock. This has a lot to do with the fact that punk rock music has roots that stem from a lot of different places.

Most musical historians agree that the term 'punk rock' was first coined in the 1960's. These groups often formed in people’s garages. They were not known for having exceptional musical talent, nor were they known for having a lot of musical instruction. Also, they were not trained in music theory. Interestingly, it was this mix of lack of technical training that really helped them develop into this new genre of music. Since the punk rock musicians of the 1960's did not know what the rules were for rock and roll music, they were not confined by them. They were able to express themselves in a way that musicians before them really could not do.

Later, punk rock music began to take on a life of its own. In addition to creating a unique style of music, punk rock musicians began to affect the style of clothing, speech, and attitudes of the people who listened to their music. The result was that many punk rock accessories were created and sold in brick and mortar stores that were the predecessors to websites like for example.

Punk rock music was used by musicians as a way to express their angst and their frustration with society. Many punk rock concerts were considered by the traditional class of the time to be crude, raw, and even violent. However, it was this counter cultural movement that really attracted people to the music. Punk rock music began to catch the eyes of musicians around the world.

With time, different spawns of punk rock music were created. Punk rock musicians began to work with and become influenced by individuals like Andy Warhol who brought more noise and unique sounds to the genre. Punk rock musicians revolutionized and expanded what the definition of music was. They did this without intentionally trying to change music. From small beginnings in the 60's, punk rock musicians created new genres of music including glam rock, hard rock, and hair metal.

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