Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cleaning Up My Desk

It feels good now that my desk is clean. Earlier today I finally been able to finish filing up the papers. Most of them are credit card bills. I don't usually file them up right away when they get here. I would like to file them at once and that is when my filing case gets bulky. That way I save a lot of time. Now I hope my hubby can start cleaning his desk soon. He usually takes charge of the cleaning himself lately.

I used to do his desk cleaning myself but I learned a lesson. Most of time, I misplaced his things and have a hard time remembering afterwards. Things that I think don't have uses anymore, I tend to throw them away or hide them somewhere. To avoid argument, we each clean our own respective desks. My hubby's desk now is a mess. There are lots of papers filing on top of each other. The files of papers are three inch thick. Yes, it is that bad but he can sort them out quick.

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