Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My New Look

I finally got my new haircut. I think I am now ready for our trip to some place tropical. I posted this picture of myself on my Facebook page because my younger sister in Germany has requested it. Unfortunately, in less than a minute after posting it, a girl commented that I looked fat. Her comment really ticked me off and I was very tempted to give her a few choice word but my husband refrained me from doing so. This is a different woman from one in the past who made the same comment. This one was a former renter of my aunt's house. You may think that I look fat in this picture but I only weigh 97 lbs.

It is not about being fat or slim. My point is if she doesn't have anything good to say, she would be better off not say anything at all rather than trying to hurt someone's feelings. Besides, she isn't all that great looking herself. She has a lot of zits on her face and that is very visible on the pictures that she has posted online. I am way older than her but she looks older than I do. Despite all of her flaws, I did not make any comments to her about her pictures.

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