Monday, November 18, 2013

Naat Garlic Magic

About nuNAAT:

In a nutshell. It’s where we found some of the finest ingredients for our products. We searched the world over to unearth nature’s bounty–all kinds of nuts, berries, fruits and plants. We even picked up a few ancient secrets along the way. Inspired by the natural resources found in Brazil’s rainforest regions, nuNAAT® was founded.

We began fusing nature with modern science, creating an array of extraordinary hair care products. As a division of Brazil’s M. Cassab Group, we carefully crafted our line with the belief that–with the right combination of natural ingredients–everyone can have great hair. After trying our products, others began believing it too. And just like that, nuNAAT® was discovered.

NAAT Garlic Magic Benefits:

• Restores hair to a strong, healthy and natural state
• Formulated with garlic extract
• Fresh, clean scent (no garlic smell)
• Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
• Suitable for all hair types. Ideal for slow-to-grow and fragile hair.

NAAT Garlic Magic Collection Includes:
• 500ml/ 16.8 fl oz Shampoo
• 500ml/ 16.8 fl oz Conditioner
• 300ml/ 10.5 fl oz Styling Leave-in
• 500ml/17.6 fl oz Intense Hydration Hair Mask

I received the whole NAAT Garlic Magic collection to sample. I have been using the products exclusively for a little over two weeks now. What got me interested in these products was the main ingredient "garlic". I love garlic. I always mix it in my food. Even though the main ingredient of the hair care products is garlic, it doesn't have a garlic scent at all. The scent is like most typical shampoo and conditioner. I used each of these four products every time I took a shower. After using the NAAT Garlic Shampoo, I followed it up with NAAT Garlic Magic Hair Mask. I then combed my hair through and left it on for at least two minutes. After rinsing it off, my hair felt very soft. Then I topped it off with NAAT Garlic Conditioner, combed it through to spread the conditioner evenly from the root to the tip of my hair, left it on for two minutes, then rinsed my hair with cold water. I then applied the NAAT Garlic Leave-in conditioner while my hair was still damp before styling it. After using these products for more than two weeks, I noticed that my hair looked a bit thicker and was very easy to manage.
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Disclaimer: The above reviewed product(s) was a free sample and I have received no other compensation for this review. I am under no obligation to give either a positive or negative review and the opinions are strictly those of myself and my husband. You may noticed that the majority of reviews are quite positive. In our opinion that is because those manufacturers with the best products are much more likely to give out free samples in order to promote their products.

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