Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bad Breath?

I have bad breath problems. It is by choice because I am too lazy to brush my teeth and wash my mouth, especially when I just wake up in the morning. Nobody likes bad breath. I don't like myself if my breath stinks. It certainly can turn people off but there are simple ways to take care of it. According to the research that I found, the gases produced by bacteria accumulated in the mouth, gums, teeth and tongue cause bad breath. These gases contain sulfur and are the culprit for the stinky smell.

My simple way to treating my own bad breath is to brush my teeth then gargle with mouthwash. Before I gargle, I scrape my tongue with a toothbrush. By doing these things it pretty much solves my problem. If your bad breath won't vanish with these three easy steps, you probably need to visit your dentist to get some help. There is probably another cause for your bad breath. After visiting the dentist if the problem continues, visiting an ear, nose and throat specialist might be the next thing you need to do.

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