Friday, August 16, 2013

Consider having a breast job – is bigger really better?

You came to that point in your life where you want to consider having a breast job procedure. You deemed that you needed this surgery not just to improve your overall appearance but also to boost your self-esteem. You belong to the few who are flat chested. Face it, you were endowed with smaller breasts and if this was not a cause of concern to you before, right now you may want to reconsider how you physically look. Of course, the standards posed by society is enough to make you running to the nearest cosmetic clinic, but have you for a while, considered if bigger breasts are really better? What is the real reason why you would want to have a breast job?

There are women who want to have larger breasts while others could care less. A handful of women fall somewhere in the middle, note that you are not alone when you wish to have a cup or two sizes more when you have smaller breasts.

But before you commit to having a full blown breast job, why not try a simple experiment? Try on some bras that are a cup or two sizes larger than your original bra size and then stuff them. Wear each one for a few days so that you will get the general feel of how it is to have bigger breasts. This is actually a crucial step in order for you to determine how large you should go for. Generally, most women would opt to go just one cup size while the others choose to go over top with double Ds.

Why not try booking an appointment with a renowned cosmetic surgeon so that you will have a general idea on what size is ideal for you. Remember that your surgeon will be your partner once you finally decide to push through with this life changing process. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the pros and cons of the procedure. Make sure also that you lay out your realistic goals on how you’d like your breast to look like after surgery. The surgeon will usually give a generally overview regarding your expectations. He will also guide you along the way in case you say yes and decide to really go under the knife.

Note that the plastic surgeon will determine the size that is best suited for you depending on your body size, the placement of your natural breasts, and the thickness of the skin over your chest, and the fat deposit on your upper body. Remember that your surgeon is also the best source on whether or not you silicone or saline implants are your best bet.

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