Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dental Emergency

My hubby and I woke up around nine o'clock this morning and went on our computers to do our reading and watch my TV favorite shows from back home in the Philippines. That is pretty much our normal daily routine before we do anything useful. For some reason, today both our bedroom and computer room doors were closed (not on purpose, the wind did it).

It was around noon when I went to the kitchen to start cleaning up. I noticed that my step grandson's door was open and he was laying on his bed faced down which I found unusual because, when he is awake, he is usually on his computer or getting ready to start working on our remodeling jobs. When I came back to the computer room, I told my husband that he needed to check on his grandson because I found it unusual for him to be laying there like that. When he checked on him he found out that his face was swollen from a tooth infection.

I got freaked out when he did not come to us because he thought we were still sleeping. I told him that he could knock on our bedroom anytime, especially when it is an emergency. Instead of going in to the emergency room, we ended going to a nearby dental clinic to get his problem taken care of. They did nothing for him except take an x-ray and prescribed him some antibiotics.

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