Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dental Associates in Downers Grove

My hubby has had a lot of dental problems in the last few years. Before that, he had really good teeth and he suspects that some of the medications that he has been taking for unrelated medical problems for the last few years may have contributed to his problems. Regardless of the cause, we were facing large bills to get his teeth fixed here in the US. Fortunately, we had a long trip to the Philippines planned for last winter and a good friend of mine there is a dentist. He was able to get most of his dental problems solved while we were still over there and managed to save a lot of money at the same time.

He still has a few issues that he will need to get taken care of here and we haven't found a really good dentist in our area that we can rely on. He had two extractions here in northern Minnesota and the pain he suffered was nearly unbearable. It really did not seemed like the dentists here were very concerned about the problems that he experienced.

We were just in Illinois this last week to a memorial for a death in the family and we stayed with his brother who lives in Cary. I heard that there is a place called Grove Dental Associates that have several offices in that area and do really good dental work. We do go to Illinois quit often and usually stay with his brother in Cary so it really wouldn't be a problem for us to have some of the remaining work he needs done taken care of in their Wheaton dentist office. My hubby is familiar with Wheaton because he used to have a girlfriend that lived there and it seems to be the closest office to Cary. We may just look them up on our next trip to Illinois and see if they can do the remaining work that he needs.

He has had a problem in the past with pain because the novocaine and other drugs that they used have not been very effective. It sounds like Grove Dental Associates go out of their way to make your visit a pleasant and pain free experience.

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