Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ceiling and Lamp Shades for our New Renovated Home

 photo lamps_original_zps2acc1302.jpg 
I am finally getting really excited about our remodeling projects. My hubby had been talking about them for years but we have accomplished very little, especially since he has been having health problems. Now that his grandson has moved in with us, we are moving ahead with many of the remodeling projects that I had been hoping to get done for years. We are going to be putting a second bathroom and fourth bedroom up in our large attic space and doing the many downstairs projects which have been on hold for a couple of years now.

We will be replacing the pull downstairs to the attic with a genuine set of permanent steps and freeing up a bunch of space to expand our dining room area and open up the area between our dining room and living room. We will be installing new ceiling and lamp shades to upgrade and improve all of the lighting in just about all areas of our home. We have pretty good lighting in the house from the windows we have now and the sliding glass door that we will be putting in but, during those long cold winter nights here in northern Minnesota, parts of the house are currently not well lit. It will be very nice to have bright and warm lighting in all of the areas that don't receive good lighting in the winter now. I don't know how long it will take to get it all done but having a young twenty seven year old doing all the heavy lifting will be a real blessing for my hubby and me both.


  1. It sounds like you have a lot of really exciting home projects starting up. Good luck getting everything done and remember to have fun in the process. Picking out new things for the house is supposed to be the fun part, which is the best advice I was given when I had just moved into my first home last year. Every time I started to stress out about everything I had to do and how slowly things seemed to be progressing, there was always someone there to tell me that what I was doing was supposed to be the "fun part."

  2. Bright, warm lighting is so nice! Congrats on having the 27-yr old lifter. I've got a treadmill that's been in the dining room for 6 weeks because no one will help me move it. :/ :)

  3. Those are fantastic!! I'd love to get something new for our house and would totally get something like you selected.

  4. We just moved and I REALLY need a few new lamps, thanks for sharing!