Monday, May 20, 2013

Allergies Attacked Me Again!

It has been two years in a row now that I have been having allergies at this time of the year. I never had this kind of problem the first five years I live here in northern Minnesota. Does it mean that as I grow older my immune system is getting weaker? My allergies started about four days ago when I sat outside with my hubby and it was windy. Since then, my eyes and my nose are very itchy. I was not doing a lot of sneezing which is good news, much more so now that I am getting better. My eyes are still itchy though, especially when it is windy outside and the windows are open. At one point in time, I was also worried that I would get a flu because my throat was a little itchy and sore. Fortunately, after I gargled with vinegar and took a tablespoon of colloidal silver, it went away. My nose is not as itchy as it was two days ago so that is good news.

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