Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time Check: 4:31 AM

It is 4:31 in the morning but I am still wide awake. I went to bed with my hubby at around 2 o'clock but could not get to sleep. I decided to get up, instead of tossing around and disturb my husband. I am suffering from jetlag. My hubby and I just got back yesterday afternoon from the Philippines. Overall, it was almost a thirty hour flight back home. It was very tiring. Now the snow is another story. We thought that the snow would all be melted at this time. Instead, a humongous pile of snow greeted us. The snow on our driveway is as tall as me. Fortunately, we were able to pass through it. Thanks to my sister in-law for keeping us informed about the weather forecast and have had someone plow our driveway. We have yet to pay the guy that cleaned- up our driveway. I hope that we would be able to get over with the jetlag soon.

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