Monday, March 25, 2013

Floor Store

Our home needs a major renovation and we are in the process of doing it. My hubby bought this house that we currently live in as a fixer upper in 1998. Since then, he built a new garage and workshop and did many other things like putting on a new roof and a new drive way. Most of the additional details he did were on the outside of the house and had done very little on the inside.

Since I got here, we have rebuilt the deck and installed a wood burning stove. My hubby had done also a little on remodeling in the bathroom by putting a new shower and some wall coverings but we still have to replace the vanity and complete the flooring. The main thing that remains unfinished for the interior remodeling is the floor coverings.

Franklin Square floor store is where you can find everything you need for your flooring. Fortunately, we don't have to do more flooring shopping anytime soon because we already bought oak tiles for the living room floor and ceramic tile for the kitchen, bathroom and utility areas. We have yet to install them though and hopefully, we will be able to do the major renovation around the house this summer, especially now that my hubby's health has been improving. Our home is still quite livable even though the floors look bad.

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