Friday, March 29, 2013


Biotech International Corp is a cosmetic company behind the product DermaSilk. They use ingredients specially formulated to reduce the appearance of aging. Their formulators understand the science of skincare and know how ingredients interact with one another and the combinations that provide the best and quickest results. Biotech is committed to making us beautiful on the inside and out. They only use the finest ingredients in formulating their DermaSilk nutritional supplements and their topical skin care formulas. You feel comfortable knowing that their formulas use safe ingredients that provide maximum beauty benefits.
These products are their best sellers. After using them a few times, I can understand why they are the best sellers. They live up to the claims. I was really amazed at their effectiveness. I kept telling my hubby "wow, these are cool" while I am putting them on my face. I have never used anything as effective as these products. They work great. Even though I like these products a lot, my mother would really appreciate them even more. I am only in my early 30s so fines lines, pores and wrinkles are not that visible compared to my 55 year old mother. They dry up quickly without feeling greasy. They are also very handy and easily fit into your purse. They are great skin care products for on-the-go women and their customer service is great.

Disclaimer: The above reviewed product(s) was a free sample and I have received no other compensation for this review. I am under no obligation to give either a positive or negative review and the opinions are strictly those of myself and my husband. You may noticed that the majority of reviews are quite positive. In our opinion that is because those manufacturers with the best products are much more likely to give out free samples in order to promote their products.


  1. I need to try these out . I am always looking for good face care . As I am getting older .

  2. Sounds like a good product. Will have to check them out.