Friday, February 22, 2013

What You Should Know About Thread Vein Removal

Unsightly thread veins need not mar the beauty of your skin this summer. By undergoing professional thread vein removal in Liverpool, these unsightly vein lines can be successfully eliminated so you can enjoy wearing your skimpy summer wear to the full.

Thread veins, aka "spider veins", are identified as small, fine blood vessels running along the surface of your skin. They may appear red or purplish in colour and generally develop due to hormone changes during pregnancy or as a woman ages. Although these veins are not painful or dangerous, they do tend to increase in size and number over the years. This could greatly detract from your aesthetic appearance.

All women have the potential to develop thread veins, howbeit, some more than others. Early treatment of this condition makes the veins much easier to remove. For this reason, professional dermatologists in the U.K. advise early thread vein removal in Liverpool to save time and expense on the treatments you use.

The two most common treatments for removing thread veins are laser therapy and sclerotherapy. With laser therapy, laser light is utilized to destroy the blood vessels while they are yet small. The type and strength of laser used depends on the vein. Thin red veins which can be easily seen on the skin's surface generally respond well to pulsed dye lasers; purplish veins usually require a stronger laser containing an extended wavelength for optimum effect. By consulting with a specialist in thread vein removal Liverpool, you can obtain the appropriate laser therapy treatment to meet your need.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment used to remove veins larger than 4 mm in size. This procedure involves injecting a solution into your skin to destroy the cells within the vein. Once the cells have been destroyed, the vein eventually shrinks out of sight. This may take anywhere between six to eight weeks.

Before agreeing to either one of these treatments, you should have a specialist assess your condition and give his recommendation on what treatment would best suit your need. At this time, a test run could be done on a small patch of skin first to ensure it is safe for your skin before proceeding with the entire treatment.

Thread vein removal treatments are not painful; however, a local cream anaesthesia can be applied if you have sensitive skin. Sclerotherapy treatments may produce some bruising on your skin and cause it to itch, but these symptoms are temporary. Within a week's time, you should notice smaller veins beginning to disappear, although the entire process may take up to two months or longer before it is completed.

Thread vein removal in Liverpool has an approximate 90% success rate, depending on the extent of your condition. On average, women often require three treatments to completely eradicate their thread vein problem. By combining sclerotherapy and laser thread vein removal treatments, women can often obtain much better results.

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