Thursday, January 31, 2013

Unexpected Call

I returned in bed after I finished doing laundry. Not that I got tired from doing it but because I was not able to get back to sleep after waking up at midnight. My hubby was in terrible pain even he just took a pain reliever. The pain got so intense, especially when he was laying on bed and that kept him from getting sleep. He decided to watch tv so I accompanied him downstairs. Anyway, I was trying to take a nap when my cell phone rang. Since I did not recognize the number, I did not answer the call and sent a text message to the anonymous caller. I asked and got my questions answered right away. We were exchanging a few text messages and finally remember the girl. She said, the reason she called me was because she didn't know how my number ended up on her phone book? Her name did not ring any bells but I know the director of the office that she was talking about and where she works.

She also mentioned a situation that me and my hubby did meet her at a nearby mall and the first few conversations that we had. That was when I start remembering her. What puzzled me was that, why she called me when she was not even sure who I was. She was probably fishing for something and thought that I would be friendly with her on her text messages but she was wrong, my tone was kind of mean. She was calling me SIR in her text messages. She remembered our conversations but for some reason, she did not remember that I was the one that gave her the phone number. She and my husband did not talk to each other until that one incident at the mall where I introduced her to him. Had I not told my husband about what happened, I would probably find out more about what she wanted from him. Fortunately, my husband told me to stop it.

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