Thursday, January 24, 2013


The perfect outfit never really comes easy. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll walk into a store and see the perfect, matching items of clothing all lined up next to each other, or that everything will just fall into place if you buy a selection of random styles, colours and designs. Planning the perfect outfit usually takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error. One day you might try this jacket with that top, and the next day, a different jacket with the same top, until eventually you find a combination that just works for you.

There are some outfits, however, that require just a little something more to make them perfect. It’s often hard to work out what this little something is – and it could result in you buying more clothes to work out whether or not it’s the combination that you’ve got wrong. However, the answer is simple, and it lies with accessories.

Accessories can turn an otherwise normal, uninspiring outfit into something original and unique; something that nobody has seen the likes of so far. They can even turn an outfit that just simply doesn’t work into one that does, by taking accessories of stark colours to provide a happy medium between different clothes, or by using them in such a way that an item of clothing is completely altered and, therefore, the outfit changes as well.

An obvious choice of accessory would be a belt, something which some of us feel is reserved solely for holding our trousers up. However, a well-made and fashionable high-waisted or hip belt can not only shift your outfit up a gear slightly, but can help define your figure as well, making you look slimmer and outlining the shape of your body perfectly.

A belt isn’t just for casualwear either – there are belts that would go well with a full length formal dress, or simply a party frock that needs that little something to make it perfect. Another accessory that is perfect for special occasions such as weddings is a bag. Not all bags have to be simply black or brown leather, with floral patterns and bright colours gaining a greater following and making more of a statement recently, allowing you to make the difference to your outfits that they may need.

By Scott Clawson

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