Sunday, June 15, 2014

He Needs to Learn Bisaya/Cebuano

My hubby and I have been thinking about moving to the Philippines in the future. One of the primary things he needs to do is to learn how to speak Bisaya or Cebuano because we will be living somewhere in Mindanao. It is pretty much a given to learn some of the language where you will live, right? Basically, Bisaya and Cebuano are the same thing. There are some regional differences but usually when people say “Bisaya” they generally are talking about Cebuano, a language that originated in Cebu.

My hubby knows a few words but he needs to learn more if he wants the local people to treat him better and be more friendly to him. People in my village treat him well but it will be better if he is able to communicate with them using the native language. If he becomes fluent in Bisaya/Cebuano, he might find it more enjoyable living there in the Philippines.

Since my hubby likes to read, I don't think learning Bisaya/Cebuano would be a big problem. I will buy him an English-Bisaya dictionary and then I will try talking to him in Bisaya on a regular basis.

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