Friday, July 17, 2015

Area Rugs

Our home needs a major renovation. We already bought some of the materials that we need to start the project but since my hubby has been having some major health issues, we will have to hire somebody to do it and we don't have the extra cash on hand right now. Even though I would really like to start the home renovation, we have to put it off because we are still supporting my siblings in college. Our home is still quite livable even though the floors look bad.

The living room, which is carpeted, is not worth the trouble of cleaning. The carpet is old and it needs to be replaced. We are planning on replacing it with a completely different kind of flooring. Among the several flooring options available out there, we decided to use oak hardwood tile in the living room and use ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom areas. As soon as the hard wood floor is installed, my plan is to start looking for discount Area Rugs Direct. One of our three bedrooms is already set up that way and we will probably do the same with the other two rooms. Then we will either hire the rugs to be professionally cleaned or look at buying our own steam cleaner.

Monday, July 13, 2015

DJ & Remix Software

Clubbing became even more exciting because of the emergence of talented world renowned DJs. But of course these DJs wouldn't be able to do their stuff if not for the high tech gadgets they have such as ableton live 9 intro. Ableton Live 9 is the latest iteration of one of the best performance based DAWs available today. It lets you to easily browse for new sounds, instantly capture your performance and record automation directly into clips. It also enhances your sound with improved studio effects. The Intro version includes limited software features, 3 instruments, 26 effects and over 700 sounds.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fitted Tablecloths, Fitted Table Covers & Throws

overhead view of table linens 
I like the fitted tablecloths from here at Premier Table Linens website. You can choose from eight different fabrics for all of your fitted tablecloths, fitted table covers and throws need. Premier Table Linens has a wide array of quality tablecloths in stock in many size, fabric and style. It is definitely a good place to check out if you are in the market for a very large assortment of radiant tablecloth colors to create any magical moment or image desired.

Great Deals Furniture

Our home is in great need of remodeling. Little by little we are making progress on it. Currently my hubby and I are the ones working on it mostly because we don't have the money to hire somebody to work for us. In the future we may but for now we are just doing it ourselves. There are still a lot of things that need to be done especially inside the house. Our furniture needs to be replaced as well. When we get to the point where we are looking to buy new furniture for our home, I will definitely be shopping online for Custom Leather Furniture found at Club Furniture.

Club Furniture has all the furniture settings that I like from dining to bedroom furniture. Club Furniture also has a wide selection of bathroom vanity sets that I can choose from as well. Shopping at Club Furniture online is very easy because I can find them all in one convenient place. Aside from the great deals I get on furniture for my home, they are also having a Memorial Day sale.

So whether you are looking for office furniture, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers and more, why go somewhere else when Club Furniture is just a click away. Check them out online for more information.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Electric Bass

My father taught me how to play a guitar but I think guitar is not really my thing because until now I can’t still play easy songs for guitar. My younger brother, on the other hand, learned playing a guitar by himself. No one teaches him, it came to him naturally. He can play hard rock guitar songs and many different kinds of songs. My hubby was impressed by his talent. He was a member of a local band group but is now a guitarist in the church. He can play tobias 5 string bass, drums and guitars.

Monday, April 6, 2015

House Cleaning & Maid Service

Some of the floors in our house are wood and others are carpeted. The wooden areas are easy to keep clean but the carpeted parts are a pain in the butt. I wanted to clean the carpeted area in the living room but my hubby says that it is not worth it because we are planning to remove the carpet and replace it with hard wood. I recently came across this website, The Other Woman is more than just a cleaning company and concierge; it is more than just an errand-running, dog-walking, laundry service. If you need house cleaning and maid service, check them out yourself.

Tuning Machine Heads for Guitar

I don’t know much about musical instruments and the accessories that go with them. My younger brother, on the other hand, plays several different musical instruments and knows exactly what he needs to make the most of each one of them. He could use a trimlok to get multiple sound effects of the music. According to the reviews that I have read, Sperzel 6-In-Line Trim-Lok Reverse Tuners are the best tuning machines. Not only do they make string changes faster, they even without the string locks tightened and the guitar stays in tune. I am sure he would be delighted if I would buy him one.