Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Swing Dancing Lessons in Los Angeles

When I was in college, I took one whole semester for swing dance lessons and many other dance programs. The decision was made after winning the mass demo dance competitions in my high school days. During the four month stint of the dancing program, I learned a lot of things about dancing. Until now, I sometimes dance at home for fun by myself. Though I occasionally want my husband to dance with me but most of the time he prefers to be my spectator.

Peavey AmpKit Link HD Lightning

I think this peavey ampkit is one of the fancy recording gear I have ever seen. I am not musically inclined but this ampkit is pure digital interface for Mac or iOS devices. The headphone and line out jacks are separate. The built-in control knobs for guitar input level and headphone output level gives more options for guitarists. Its compact and lightweight design gives you the ease of portability. It is definitely a great musical instrument to have because of its many features available.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My New Look

I finally got my new haircut. I think I am now ready for our trip to some place tropical. I posted this picture of myself on my Facebook page because my younger sister in Germany has requested it. Unfortunately, in less than a minute after posting it, a girl commented that I looked fat. Her comment really ticked me off and I was very tempted to give her a few choice word but my husband refrained me from doing so. This is a different woman from one in the past who made the same comment. This one was a former renter of my aunt's house. You may think that I look fat in this picture but I only weigh 97 lbs.

It is not about being fat or slim. My point is if she doesn't have anything good to say, she would be better off not say anything at all rather than trying to hurt someone's feelings. Besides, she isn't all that great looking herself. She has a lot of zits on her face and that is very visible on the pictures that she has posted online. I am way older than her but she looks older than I do. Despite all of her flaws, I did not make any comments to her about her pictures.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Unusual Time to Sleep

My hubby and I went to bed early last night. It was before seven o'clock in the evening when we hit our slumberland. We both got tired that early. My hubby hasn't been feeling good and neither have I. He woke up early yesterday morning and finished mowing the lawn. My body was also sore from weeding the garden the day before but I continued working outdoors yesterday afternoon. Right after washing the dishes my body started asking for some rest but I didn't fall asleep until ten o'clock at night. My hubby was already snoring but when I asked him if he was sleeping, he would answer me :-).

Thursday, July 10, 2014


My old headset is about seven years old now. It is still partially functional but is falling apart. When I was in the Philippines, my hubby decided to buy me a new set of headphones. He felt pity on me and was frustrated at the same time when they kept falling off his head when he was chatting with me online from half way around the world. Even though the new ones are not high end head gear, they look like it to me. They look much better than my old set and also have a much clearer sound. They actually look a lot like the Bose IE2 Audio Headphones that I found at Musician's Friend. It has been almost six months before I started using the new headphones that my hubby bought me because I thought the old ones were still OK. I just took them out of the box a few hours ago to hook up to my new laptop. Along with the new headphones, my hubby also bought me a new webcam

Sunday, June 15, 2014

He Needs to Learn Bisaya/Cebuano

My hubby and I have been thinking about moving to the Philippines in the future. One of the primary things he needs to do is to learn how to speak Bisaya or Cebuano because we will be living somewhere in Mindanao. It is pretty much a given to learn some of the language where you will live, right? Basically, Bisaya and Cebuano are the same thing. There are some regional differences but usually when people say “Bisaya” they generally are talking about Cebuano, a language that originated in Cebu.

My hubby knows a few words but he needs to learn more if he wants the local people to treat him better and be more friendly to him. People in my village treat him well but it will be better if he is able to communicate with them using the native language. If he becomes fluent in Bisaya/Cebuano, he might find it more enjoyable living there in the Philippines.

Since my hubby likes to read, I don't think learning Bisaya/Cebuano would be a big problem. I will buy him an English-Bisaya dictionary and then I will try talking to him in Bisaya on a regular basis.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Normalcy – is it a right or a privilege?

For all we know living is hard even in the light normalcy yet how harder it was with people who are not blessed with it? Personally, I cannot imagine it. Seeing them especially kids with their special needs made me feel obliged to help them in one way or another, and that’s why I am sharing this good news to the world which I know will help make a difference in the life of these special children.

Agnitus is the good news I was talking about. It is a curriculum based learning program that is now available in the apps store giving learning struggles goodbye and learning smooth, fun and more effective. Thus, this news needs not just a share but definitely a loud applause!

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